Williams Sensei at Large

just_press_herejpgIf you’ve been paying attention to various Facebook pages you’ll no doubt have seen that Williams Sensei is getting back to his spritely self and visiting dojo here and there. If your in SE Qld and the Byron district you can catch him at the upcoming events below. If your not a facebook user you can still live a virtual life vicariously through the following links.  For those involved in these events feel free to comment with further details and webpage links.

Monthly Seniors classes in Byron


Teaching and combined dan grading in Brisbane Nov 2nd




Japan In Brisbane

Brisbane Budo kai kan Open day


This Sunday the 8th  starting at 11:00am, there will be an open day at the Brisbane Budokai kan-  most of the Martial arts groups that use this centre in Merrivale Street South Brisbane will be putting on demonstrations, so it’s an ideal time to learn about what other styles and schools are doing


Also of interest to any Budoka is the other Japanese cultural activities that are presented during the Open Day


-the event will be opened by the resident Shakuhachi player, master Shigeru Yomei Nakajima


-there will be a static display of flower arranging, 


-There will be the chance to have a go at Shodo with demonstrations and hands on activities of traditional Japanese calligraphy under the guidance of Sensei Yumiko Kigoshi, sensei will also demonstrate Sumi E – the Japanese art of ink and brush painting in a separate session- so if you wish to learn how to paint like a classical japans Samuir here is a great chance! 


Chado – “way of tea”- is the name of the Japanese tea ceremony and there will be a demonstration of this graceful art- also there will be tasting and the opportunity to be a “guest” at the ceremony ( limited places ) 


Anyone who Knows Susan or I, will know we also do a traditional sword school – and our school Komei Juku will be demonstrating Traditional Iaijutsu – Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu at around 12:20 this is one of the few times a year we do demonstrations so it will be a bit of an event in our calendar.


Other Martial arts on the Day will be Aikijutsu demonstrating their open hand techniques, the Kyokushin Karate will be also be demonstrating their art- there will be Aikijutsu weapons that will feature this schools use of the Bo ( of interested to most other Aikidoka)- and finally Battojutsu and Tamashagiri – another style of sword combat arts and also some display cutting of bamboo. 


This is a great opportunity to find out about other arts you may be interested in and ask questions in a more informal manner rather than the more traditional class setting – all the demonstrated arts are taught at the centre martial and cultural

For more information please check the Budo Kai Kan website



























Budo Kai Kan 

Open Day Program 2013













Tea Ceremony




Aiki Jutsu Open Hand




Komei Juku Iaijutsu




Kyokushin Karate








Aiki Jutsu Weapons




Sumi e




Battojutsu / Tameshigiri


The program is an ideal only; obviously on the day there will need to be a degree of flexibility, but things will run more smoothly if all groups make a sincere effort to stay within their allotted times.Image

Maruyama Sensei Recommends “Soul of the Samurai”

1005474_10152444792525353_2121492927_nRecently Will Reed Sensei recommended the following on his facebook page

Recommended by Maruyama Sensei to understand the core of Aikido Yuishinkai as Budo.

“Soul of the Samurai”
Modern Translations of Three Classic Works of Zen and Bushido written by Yagyu Munenori and Zen Master Takuan.

Translated by Thomas Cleary


Kindle Edition also available.

I also found it on FishPond, which is as cheap as Amazon for us Aussies, and without the postage bill (have ordered a copy for the dojo too).


I asked Reed Sensei a little more about the post, this is what he said

“Maruyama Sensei did say that everything is contained in the first paragraph of Takuan’s TAI-A KI: notes on the Peerless Sword.

It says that the art of war is not a matter of relative strength, but of penetrating the place where there is no division of yin and yang.

His lecture was pretty profound, on how Aikido is the the sound of one hand clapping. No action or reaction, just perfect synchronicity.

Or you can spend a hundred years holding hard and missing the point.”

Whilst also noting the of course Maruyama sensei works with the original Japanese text