The dojo is a school environment of formal instruction from a teacher. The syllabus provides structure and techniques for the learning of ‘Aiki’. We use the prisms of modern science and combative to help interpret and enrich this practice. (See more here)

Classes include hitoriwaza (solo practice), kumiwaza (paired practice), jiyuwaza (free technique practice with one or more attackers) and bukiwaza (weapons practice).

Techniques are practised at the levels kotai (static) or gōtai (rigid), jūtai (soft and flexible) and ryūtai (fluid). Both omote (visible) and ura (hidden) forms are practised on both left and right hand sides. See the grading syllabus for structured progression

The origins of the syllabus are in the work of Michael Williams and Koretoshi Maruyama. And in-depth examination of the syllabus is found here


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