Advanced aikido workshop

advanced-aikido-workshopGreat Ocean Aikido Community
Autumn 2017 Workshop
Sunday 19 March, 11 am to 4pm

Alstonville Leisure and Entertainment Centre

Alstonville is around half an hour from Byron Bay in the beautiful Northern Rivers district of NSW (see map below).

Advanced Aikido Program

11 am: Welcome and introduction; Jim Nicholls

  • Welcome to our mat and aiki-body warm-ups
  • 2-kyu grading: all attendees invited to participate
  • Introduction to Great Ocean Aikido and advanced aikido program

11.45 am to 1 pm: Ground power; Danny James

  • The physics and biomechanics of unbalancing and throwing
  • The science built into traditional aikido practise
  • Measure your “ki” precisely

1.15 to 2.30 pm: Atemijutsu; Andrew Sunter

  • A tool to explore some of the hidden teachings of aikido
  • Cutting through myths about weapon taking
  • Making aiki work reliably

2:30 pm: General discussion and questions; Jim Nicholls

  • What does all this mean?
  • How does it affect how we practise?
  • How does it advance aikido?

4 pm: Centre closes


Fee: $40: Pay by 12 March and state name to: BSB: 062 514  A/C: 1003 4795

$20: Concession with ID:

$50 on the day


Hosted by Alstonville Aikido ( Webpage,  Facebook Alstonville Aikido )

Jim Nicholls Sensei
Jim has over 30 years experience in several aikido styles. As a trainer and facilitator, Jim brings together the Great Ocean Aikido Community in a way that allows students to perform and develop to their potential in a school structure free of hierarchy.

Danny James Sensei
Dan is a sports scientist and professorial level researcher who brings these disciplines to bear on aiki-physics. He will have an instrument available to test balance and demonstrate off-balance (or toppling) techniques.

Andrew Sunter Sensei
Andrew is an aikido phenomenon known to many for his rigorous ongoing exploration of martial arts. His theme is drawn from O-Sensei’s statements that aikido is 70% atemi.

Photo: Neil Kendall


3 thoughts on “Advanced aikido workshop

  1. […] Unfortunately, many students don’t progress beyond practising technique, which is really just the beginning levels of aikido. It is a weird journey and a long one to reach out for the extra planes of aikido. After 30 years of wondering I feel that Dan Sensei and Andrew Sensei are discovering new ground and looking forward to getting together for the Autumn workshop this weekend […]


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