Winter and Spring Seminars coming up…

imagesWith the REED13 seminar on the horizon (and only a few places left), there are some nice seminars happening in an around this time to get you all tuned up. Don’t forget if you still want to register for REED13 you need to hurry, at this stage we are unlikely to have any spaces available at the door. See

July, Saotoshi Takeda Sensei, Byron Bay

Firstly in mid July Saotoshi Sensei, Aikido Kenjkyukai is being hosted by friend of the dojo Chicko down at Byron, we managed to get along last time he was in the neighbourhood (See seminar report ).

Seminar details here

Augest, William Reed Sensei, Brisbane

William Reed Sensei travels to Brisbane as Maruyama Sensei’s official representative for 2013. to teach on the theme ‘The Evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai’.

Limited places

Augest, Shinkage Ryu Seminar, Capalaba hosted by Onami Aikido dojo

Yamamoto Sensei  (6th Dan Iaido, 5th Dan Kendo)
Head instructor of the Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Dojo in Sano Japan

Yamamoto sensei has kindly consented to provide a seminar on the principles and features of Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Iaido, Discussion of the Sword and Insights on training.  Location and cost to be advised. details

October, Japanese weapons, Komei Juku

Lastly Craig, “Big Rock”, is helping with a Komei Juku weapons seminar later on in October.  Brisbane Komei Juku Dojo hosting Japanese Swordsmanship and Naginatajutsu Full details are yet to emerge but stay tuned to

Aikido Seminars: Want to go to an aikido or budo seminar, here are some tips in mind


Aikido has more to do with Gathering and less to do with Throwing away

“Aikido has more to do with Gathering and less to do with Throwing away”

That was a facebook update quote from Chicko Sensei, from the Fudoshin dojo in Noosa a few months back. Over the years we have had occasion to practice at sensei’s dojo and he was kind enough to visit us as well, he are some written up

See Takeda Satoshi Seminar report 2010 and Chicko Sensei visits the Republic


More recently good friend of the dojo Craig Boyd, “Big Rock” sensei caught up with good friend of the dojo Chicko Sensei for practice. He was kind enough to pass on these impressions

Aikido @ Noosa- Road trip

Sensei Thom Hansen and myself went to train with Sensei Chico Xerri at his Noosa dojo  on Saturday – If any seniors student has considered doing this and hasn’t been as yet, then I guess ,  if it makes you feel better I’m happy to tell you it was just OK ………. and you best stop reading now.


This was my second visit to train with Sensei Chico at his Dojo, The class ( like my first) was extremely enlightening and he and his students always make you feel most welcome and are always ready to help you grasp the lesson being taught rather than just getting bogged down in the technical aspects of the technique, and for good reason. Sensei runs  his lessons at a frantic pace so no time to have worry about anything except what he was teaching, and there was so much there,  so the lessons he was imparting are just starting to come into focus now 2 days later..

  1. Yokomen- lesson 1 enter blend  and cut the hand ( nicely demoed with a bokken) – no collision just a new option for blending, he wasn’t to hung up on what technique you do from this, he showed about 4, he was imparting a philosophy of ” do what feels right at the time” with this entry
  2. Yokomen- lesson 2- enter deeply , stepping deeply and past the attack to avoid the strike , and move to an in close position past Uke’s centre line, then put uke back on your line and execute techniques- a good way to develop this was to do sankyo on the non attacking hand- there was a great technique I will be demonstrating to a few either fortunate or unfortunate people from this position it ends with a leg lock!- this position also lead into a “no technique” technique of pure Irimi – awesome stuff!
  3.  Ryotemochi– we explored a now reoccurring theme of every art I train or have dabbled in, of getting Uke off line by you just moving your centre and breaking their balance, from there a throw was easily executed once you cut their centre or project through it- Sensei managed to make this look easy and moved probably no more than and inch or 2 – sadly I had to move the width of a Tatami to be able to get the lead and the feeling anywhere near to make it effective.


 I’m sure there was way more to it than that, and now I’m wondering was lesson 1 just explanation for lesson 2????  But it was a fast paced class that had a lot of training and a lot of aikido lessons, so if Sensei Thom Hanson wants to remind me of the ones I missed or forgot please let me know. I will defiantly be heading up to Noosa on a Saturday morning again though, to train.




Craig Boyd