Farewell Aikido Yuishinkai

Aikido Yuishinkai farewellThursday night we had our dojos last Aikido Yuishinkai class. It was a nice time to examine and reminise our journey with the school and all that it had taught us, domo arigato gozai mashita!

Whilst our dojo is only comparatively new, we had the pleasure of hosting Will Reed last year to help us see under the hood a little of what makes Aikido Yuishinkai tick. Prior to these several, who had of us opened dojo and hosted several national and international seminars too.

The school’s syllabus is a fantastic progressive transition from static to movement to high level practice as one progresses in the art. The influences of  the internal practices of the Daito-Ryu and several weapons schools help bring alive the kata too. The schools doka of positive mind and ‘aikido without boundaries‘ have been inspirational.

Where to from here? We really like the founders Doka and enjoy a swim or two.

‘Every river has a name. However, these names disappear when they flow into the great ocean. Aikido has many styles, many names, but Aikido is Aikido. It is my vision and hope that, like the rivers, they flow together and unite as one.’

To our Aikido Yuishinkai friends near and far, its been a fun ride, sadly our journey lies elsewhere. We look forward to sharing the path and grabbing wrists again in the near future and the serendipity of visitors on doorsteps.


Maruyama Sensei Recommends “Soul of the Samurai”

1005474_10152444792525353_2121492927_nRecently Will Reed Sensei recommended the following on his facebook page

Recommended by Maruyama Sensei to understand the core of Aikido Yuishinkai as Budo.

“Soul of the Samurai”
Modern Translations of Three Classic Works of Zen and Bushido written by Yagyu Munenori and Zen Master Takuan.

Translated by Thomas Cleary


Kindle Edition also available.

I also found it on FishPond, which is as cheap as Amazon for us Aussies, and without the postage bill (have ordered a copy for the dojo too).


I asked Reed Sensei a little more about the post, this is what he said

“Maruyama Sensei did say that everything is contained in the first paragraph of Takuan’s TAI-A KI: notes on the Peerless Sword.

It says that the art of war is not a matter of relative strength, but of penetrating the place where there is no division of yin and yang.

His lecture was pretty profound, on how Aikido is the the sound of one hand clapping. No action or reaction, just perfect synchronicity.

Or you can spend a hundred years holding hard and missing the point.”

Whilst also noting the of course Maruyama sensei works with the original Japanese text


Winter and Spring Seminars coming up…

imagesWith the REED13 seminar on the horizon (and only a few places left), there are some nice seminars happening in an around this time to get you all tuned up. Don’t forget if you still want to register for REED13 you need to hurry, at this stage we are unlikely to have any spaces available at the door. See reed13.aikidorepublic.com

July, Saotoshi Takeda Sensei, Byron Bay

Firstly in mid July Saotoshi Sensei, Aikido Kenjkyukai is being hosted by friend of the dojo Chicko down at Byron, we managed to get along last time he was in the neighbourhood (See seminar report ).

Seminar details here http://www.aikicosmos.com/2013/01/winter-aikido-seminar-byron-bay-with.html

Augest, William Reed Sensei, Brisbane

William Reed Sensei travels to Brisbane as Maruyama Sensei’s official representative for 2013. reed13.aikidorepublic.com to teach on the theme ‘The Evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai’.

Limited places

Augest, Shinkage Ryu Seminar, Capalaba hosted by Onami Aikido dojo

Yamamoto Sensei  (6th Dan Iaido, 5th Dan Kendo)
Head instructor of the Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Dojo in Sano Japan

Yamamoto sensei has kindly consented to provide a seminar on the principles and features of Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Iaido, Discussion of the Sword and Insights on training.  Location and cost to be advised. details http://www.aikidocapalaba.com/events.html

October, Japanese weapons, Komei Juku

Lastly Craig, “Big Rock”, is helping with a Komei Juku weapons seminar later on in October.  Brisbane Komei Juku Dojo hosting Japanese Swordsmanship and Naginatajutsu Full details are yet to emerge but stay tuned to http://komeijukubrisbane.com

Aikido Seminars: Want to go to an aikido or budo seminar, here are some tips in mind

REED13: Letter from Maruyama Sensei


Since the initial seminar announcement we have been busy organising the programme. Maruyama Sensei has  been preparing William Reed Sensei for the seminar to Australian members and this week we received a letter from Maruyama Sensei appointing Reed Sensei as his representative for the occasion. A few changes to the programme have emerged, providing us with even greater opportunity to learn Aikido Yuishinkai and its future directions.

Seminar Schedule Changes

– The addition of a Shindou session on Friday night, where Reed Sensei will also put Shindou into the context of its root arts and why they have been drawn together

– A lunchtime meeting on Sunday for Aikido Yuishinkai senior members

– The Nanba Aikido session will be available now on the Thursday before the seminar.

Please check seminar website for details and to register

http://reed13.aikidorepublic.com (limited early bird places remain <10)

look forward to seeing you at REED13