Aikitaikai class with Sunter Sensei Sat 22nd Feb 3pm

Andrew Sunter Sensei and friends, image C. Withers

Andrew Sunter Sensei and friends, image C. Withers

Continuing the Aikitaikai dialogue of late with Sunter Sensei, Schnell Sensei and other colleagues on the path, we are delighted to have Andrew Sunter as a guest for a special session on Saturday 22nd Feb from 3pm,  ahead of the Sunday dan grading.
Ever since visiting Okajima Sensei in 2005 (See Budo bums in japan) , we have pursued an interest in the practices Aikido Yuishinkai from the Daito Ryu through the window of biomechanics and more recently internal strength (see
Since last we met Andrew Sensei has made some progress in developing Kokyu which I am looking forward to finding out more about. If you would like to join us please bring your Dogi and an open mind. A casual class fee for visitors or a little something in the tin at the dojo door for regulars is appreciated.


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