Target Focused Training in Sydney – The pointy end of the Stick

live-training-visual-headline-1I just heard from budo buddy  Mike Allen that there will be a TFT seminar in Sydney. TFT is making the news internationally at the moment. See

You can find out more about the seminar here at the end of March. Don’t be put off by the US style marketing and $$$ (if you read to the end its quite reasonable)


Below is a review of when we had the boys up from Sydney a few years back.

“In 2008 I had the privilege of attending one of Mike’s seminars at Andrew Sunters Sydney dojo and to host him in Brisbane for a weekend seminar later. Mike has been training martial arts for not-quite 30 years and is a recognized instructor in Kempo, Aikido and Yang Mian. In real life he is also a practicing physiotherapist. Recently he has been studying a system called target focus training, which he regards as ‘the pointy end of the stick’ for personal protection. I believe it embodies many aikido principles, but with the gloves off. Mike sensei is an approachable and articulate instructor with a genuine interest in sharing this method in a safe environment.

For me the introduction to the reality of ‘Asocial violence’ was quite confronting. It was good to learn more about how our bodies and minds can and do respond as a way of being prepared for such a situation. When coupled together with some of the tools Mike presents I think this rounds out our understanding of Aikido in the realm of Personal Protection. It nicely complements the methods that Catherine Sensei will present later in February and will help prepare us even better as we continue to develop our Personal Protection workshops for the community.”

See Also Mike’s article on our self defence page on  Asocial violence



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