Spring Workshop 2014

Aikido in Sydney is hosting the 2014 Spring Workshop for the Great Ocean Aikido Community.great ocean spring 2014

This inaugural Great Ocean Aikido Workshop will feature Steve Seymour (6-dan Aikido) and Mike Allen (7-dan Kenpo) as well as Great Ocean founders Jim Nicholls and Andrew Sunter. (We are still hoping Dan James and John Ward will be able to put in an appearance)

Location: Aikido in Sydney KōMyō Dojo
Bridge Road School
127 Parramatta Road, Camperdown

Cost: $90 full weekend, $50 single day
Date: Saturday 4 to Monday 6 October 2014.
The program may change due to some uncertainty about who will actually present some sessions, but essentially it will follow the pattern below.

Saturday 11 am to 4 pm:
•   Welcome
•   Syllabus and principles of Great Ocean Aikido with Andrew Sunter
•   Introduction to Target Focus Training with Mike Allen

Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
•   Internal Strength with Steve Seymour
•   Insights into Aikido from TFT and Yang Mian with Mike Allen
•   Training in Great Ocean Aikido with a GO Co-founder

Monday 10 am to  2 pm
•   Consolidation and integration sessions
•   Hooroo


2 thoughts on “Spring Workshop 2014

  1. Great weekend! Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the sessions, and special thanks to Andrew for organising the event, Jim for coming and sharing his wisdom, Mike for the TFT insight and Mel for the grub.


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