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“Every river has a name. However, these names disappear when they flow into the great ocean. Aikido has many styles, many names, but Aikido is Aikido. It is my vision and hope that, like the rivers, they flow together and unite as one”

Koretoshi Maruyama

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. I must have my head in the sand. I didn’t know this group even existed…
    Best wishes for 2015 from Southern Waters Aikido.


    • Thanks for the good wishes Shane. We didn’t make a big song and dance about it, we’re just getting on with TAU (training as usual 😉


    • John, we were unable to sustain classes at St Clair under the circumstances and finished up at the end of 2014. St Clair students are now training at Camperdown. Why not come and join us?


    • Hi John, thanks very much for your kind thoughts. Sorry to be a bit slow responding. Martin would really appreciate hearing from you directly. His mobile is the best option.


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