Winter and Spring Seminars coming up…

imagesWith the REED13 seminar on the horizon (and only a few places left), there are some nice seminars happening in an around this time to get you all tuned up. Don’t forget if you still want to register for REED13 you need to hurry, at this stage we are unlikely to have any spaces available at the door. See

July, Saotoshi Takeda Sensei, Byron Bay

Firstly in mid July Saotoshi Sensei, Aikido Kenjkyukai is being hosted by friend of the dojo Chicko down at Byron, we managed to get along last time he was in the neighbourhood (See seminar report ).

Seminar details here

Augest, William Reed Sensei, Brisbane

William Reed Sensei travels to Brisbane as Maruyama Sensei’s official representative for 2013. to teach on the theme ‘The Evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai’.

Limited places

Augest, Shinkage Ryu Seminar, Capalaba hosted by Onami Aikido dojo

Yamamoto Sensei  (6th Dan Iaido, 5th Dan Kendo)
Head instructor of the Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Dojo in Sano Japan

Yamamoto sensei has kindly consented to provide a seminar on the principles and features of Ichimon Shinkage Ryu Iaido, Discussion of the Sword and Insights on training.  Location and cost to be advised. details

October, Japanese weapons, Komei Juku

Lastly Craig, “Big Rock”, is helping with a Komei Juku weapons seminar later on in October.  Brisbane Komei Juku Dojo hosting Japanese Swordsmanship and Naginatajutsu Full details are yet to emerge but stay tuned to

Aikido Seminars: Want to go to an aikido or budo seminar, here are some tips in mind


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