REED13: Letter from Maruyama Sensei


Since the initial seminar announcement we have been busy organising the programme. Maruyama Sensei has  been preparing William Reed Sensei for the seminar to Australian members and this week we received a letter from Maruyama Sensei appointing Reed Sensei as his representative for the occasion. A few changes to the programme have emerged, providing us with even greater opportunity to learn Aikido Yuishinkai and its future directions.

Seminar Schedule Changes

– The addition of a Shindou session on Friday night, where Reed Sensei will also put Shindou into the context of its root arts and why they have been drawn together

– A lunchtime meeting on Sunday for Aikido Yuishinkai senior members

– The Nanba Aikido session will be available now on the Thursday before the seminar.

Please check seminar website for details and to register (limited early bird places remain <10)

look forward to seeing you at REED13





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